Association of Latvian Travel Agents and Operators

Association of Latvian Travel Agents and Operators - ALTA is a professional public organization established by merger of travel agents and tour-operators in order to found, on the grounds of common business and equality and within the frame of law and their Statute, an amalgamated managerial institution to coordinate business activities of travel agents and tour-operators, protect their interests and represent Latvian travel business on the world`s scale.

Basic targets of the Association:

  • to facilitate development of international and local tourism in Latvia;
  • to protect its professional and financial interests in the state economic activities;
  • to participate in drawing up legal acts relating to tourism;
  • to foster cooperation with local, foreign and international tourist unions and associations;
  • to facilitate acceptance of the Association as an associated member to international tourist unions, clubs and associations as well as to establish the like organizations of its own;
  • to advertise abroad the possibilities of tourism provided within Latvia and to promote tourist advertising in Latvia;
  • to arrange representation of the Association at international tourist exhibitions and fairs with the view to advertise possibilities of tourism in Latvia;
  • to render consulting services relating to promotion of tourism to the members, to perform compilation, publication and distribution of printed commercials;
  • to work our ethical principles of tourist business in compliance with Latvia`s state interests and adhere to them.
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