Greece: ECTAA’s Preferred Destination for 2022

While the political and economic context remains difficult for the whole tourism industry, 2022 will hopefully be synonym of recovery for travel and tourism in Europe. To turn hopes into reality, the Greek National Tourist Organisation and ECTAA signed an agreement to make Greece the Preferred Destination of the European umbrella association of travel agents and tour operators.

Brussels, 8 April 2022. With the agreement, ECTAA pledges to promote Greece as its Preferred Destination among the 70.000 travel agents and tour operators across Europe, highlighting the loving and hospitable locals, the stunning coastlines, beautiful islands, delicious cuisine and high-quality tourism infrastructure that offer memorable holidaying throughout the year: #AllYouWantIsGreece will become familiar for many European travellers.

During the 12 coming months, ECTAA will become an essential partner in the travel and tourism promotion programme outside of Greece by fostering relations between European travel agents and tour operators with the local destination management companies and other partners. GNTO and ECTAA will work hand in hand to not only promote Greece as one of the most attractive destinations in Europe but also as one of the safest.

"We are proud that the GNTO is confident in our preferred destination programme of the year. We are working together to make the best of it and give an opportunity for Greece to present again itself as a safe, innovative and sustainable destination in front of as many as 70,000 travel agencies and tour operators across Europe” said Eric Drésin, Secretary General of ECTAA.

Many activities are foreseen until the end of the year. These include actions aimed at positioning Greece as an attractive and a safe tourist destination. Moreover, a specific attention will be dedicated on the efforts of Greek authorities and tourism service providers to make Greece a sustainable destination. During the coming months, ECTAA and the GNTO will shed the light on break-through initiatives that have been recently taken in different parts of the country. This will notably take place during a series of webinars for travel agents and tour operators will take place during the two first weeks of May and to be formally announced in the coming days.

Greece is a fascinating year-round holiday destination in the Mediterranean. ECTAA is impatient to hold its semi-annual meeting in November in Creta: an occasion for the national delegates of ECTAA to get acquainted with the tourist experience outside the summer season and possibly start prospecting for future congresses of travel agents and tour operators in Greece.

People have waited patiently for better days to come. Now that these days are almost over, dreaming about a tailor-made holiday in Greece can start: for pleasure, for holiday, for a long weekend, for business, work or just for a short trip, Greece is the place to be!

Eric Drésin confirmed: “despite the current uncertainties, the tourism sector and travellers around the world eagerly await the return of travel. As ECTAA Preferred destination for 2022, the safety and proximity of Greece as a destination, the diversity and quality of its tourist offer, and certainly the breath-taking nature, unique heritage and gastronomy will be the centre of our promotion efforts. We are confident that this cooperation will bring successfully more travellers to Greece”.

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